How To Care For Tangerine Trees

Tangerine is one of the most famous fruits that belong to the Citrus family. This is an orange color smaller fruit and this is hybrid mandarin orange. The botanical name for Tangerine is known as citrus tangerina. It is covered with loose skin and you can be easily pulled the skin rather than some other species. It has a sweet segment and this can define as a delicious fruit in the citrus family.

How To Care For Tangerine Trees

Gardner’s love to plant tangerine trees in their garden as it is one of the most sweetness fruit. So it will be one of the interesting plants for your garden. Tangerine trees are beautiful when they bear fruits. So while giving you a harvest it makes your garden more attractive. In the USA, the ‘Clementine’ fruit is the most popular species of tangor and you can easily buy it from supermarkets. But isn’t it cool to plant a tree in your garden and enjoy fruits from your own plantation? So let’s grow some trees in your garden. And here you can see the best caring tips for tangerine tress.

Tangerine Tree – Planting

If you do not live in a tropical region or another sub-tropical region, surely you are interested in growing these tangerines in a container/ pot. They are more withstand to cold temperatures than some of the most citrus fruits, and they still withstand freezing conditions as well. Whether it is a warmer climate, you can select a place with sheltered for planning. But tangerine can bear the heavy sunny as well. According to the sunlight, the growth depends and it does not totally care about the climate, it grows well.

You can easily plant some seeds to get plants. It works well. But here you cannot expect a great harvest as the mother tree. Sometimes it will not bear fruits much you expect. So it is better to buy some tangerine plants from a recommended reputable nursery. So you can very well keep trusting about the harvest. Here tangerine plants graft onto a healthy rootstock. So here it takes just one or two years to completely grow and bear fruits.

Grow tangerines best

Here you have to collect a few things before going to unwrap the tree. Here you have to select a supported container. It should have enough space to grow the plant. So it must have plenty of space. Although potted tangerines or other citrus tres do not need a massive space it is better to have enough space for root growth. So root will have space for expansion.

The other thing is tangerines grows well with pH-neutral soil. So wash the peat around the tangerine plant root ball as much as possible. As we now most of the used potting soils are in good condition with a neutral balance. However it is, you can add some peat to increase the pH arise to the range of acids.

  • Place the tangerine plant into the pot.
  • Fill the soil to cover the root area
  • Here you have to keep in mind to set the plant with the same level as it was in the nursery.
  • Then you have to tamp down the soil well.

keep watering. This new plant needs enough water while it stable in the pot. Here you should moist the soil, avoid it from wet. Watering its regularity is a must.

Tips for Tangerine Tree – Care

After planting tangerine, then you have to care for it very well. Otherwise, growing will not be a successful one. So here you have to follow up on some tips.

  • Fertilized. You should fertilize two times of the year.
  • It needs sunlight. So keep it ina supported sunny place for better growth.
  • Watered daily. It needs regular water if it is planted on a pot.
  • Repotted. This is quite interesting. You can move the plant to another bigger pot after several years.

To bear fruits it takes four or five years. So you have to be patient and wait for the best time. Until it bears fruits, you have to protect the plant and provide the necessary requirements. So finally you will have a massive harvest, its unbelievable! Try this

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